What’s Your Money Personality Type?

Do you already know what your money personality type is? If not, keep reading. There are a few different types of money personalities. The ones I will be sharing in this post are: saver, spender, debtor, balanced saver/spender, and gambler. I hope at the end, you identify which personality type sounds the most like you.


You are a saver if the first thing you do when you receive money is to put majority of the money away in savings. You are always thinking about the long-term and want to ensure that you have money to meet those goals. You are most content and feel secure when your savings balance keeps growing.


You are a spender if the first thing you do when you receive money is to make a purchase. You tend to purchase items, not necessarily because you need them, but because it gives you a sense of satisfaction. You don’t tend to plan for the long-term, but ensure that you enjoy your funds now.


You are a debtor if you find yourself borrowing all the time. When you receive money, you try to pay those that you borrowed from, and then you end up borrowing again because the money is finished before you are able to get everything that you wanted done.

Balanced Saver/Spender

You are a balanced saver/spender if you value both saving and spending equally. While you put money away for savings and plan for the long-term, you also prioritize living in the moment and spending money now.


You are a gambler if you spend money with the hopes of making back more than you spent. If you lose money, you will continue to spend with the belief that you will win big to cover all your losses.

So what’s your personality type? Share in the comment section below!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Bryan Graham says:

    I’m a gambler. Life itself is a gamble lol


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